It's Not Just About Me

Bringing a message of Safety, Leadership, and Motivation



Wanted to drop by and say what an inspiration and blessing you both are.  You gave out so much information
that it truly made me think....Especially while away from work.  Until hearing your
voice, I never took home the tools I have learned at work.  You opened my heart and
mind up to things that will stay with me forever.  I went home and spoke to my
family about keeping safe practices at home just as we do at work.  So for that, I
thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Keep sharing your words, they are really important and I have no doubts that when
you speak people hear you and what you have to say stays with them, as it sure did

Thank you again

Have a wonderful day
God bless you all


P.S.  I'm still reading your book!  Thank you so much for sharing that with us.  You are one of god's angels.

Joan Tomaz
Vulcraft of New York
Sales Administrator



I am a safety officer for the Texas Department of Transportation in Atlanta, Texas.
I have been showing your promo video at our safety meetings, and wanted to tell you
thanks for delivering such a positive profound message of personal safety.

Your wife was right when she told to spread the message and if you can save one
person from going through it, then it would be worth it. That is exactly why I am
using your video to spread your message, because I won't to try to save "1
employee's sight". I battle that old saying.....it will never happen to me every day
in safety. Your message helps bring my concerns home to the employees.

Thanks again for your inspiration and I look forward to meeting you someday.


Bill Parrott

Atlanta, TX


Tony and Cheryl,

I feel very fortunate to be at your presentation at Xcel Energy in Lakewood,
Colorado yesterday, and have already been able to share much of your story with my
wife and a friend already. Your life touching story will always be with me and will
reinforce the need for us to bring safety home with us everyday. I also admire your
great attitude about everyday life and would hope that many of my fellow workers
would find the way to enjoy life with good attitude as you have.

Thank-you both for making the trip to Denver and braving the icy streets to share
your story with us, I will always remember you, and won't disappoint you by not
being safe 24/7, and will spread your message.

Larry W. Marriott
Manager - Fleet Construction & Maintenance
Xcel Energy Colorado Territory

Insert City